Daily Fragments: Einstein, Purple iPhone Haze and Hate Speech

Daily Fragments for 10/08/2012: Quotation How to Win Against Hate Speech  “…the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech.” Every Day With Jesus – “Let’s come straight out and say it.  Every day with Jesus is not sweeter than the day before.  Let’s forget that nonsense about the victorious Christian [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: MacBeth, Muffin-Eating Mooses, and Dracula Dinosaurs

DAILY FRAGMENTS FOR OCTOBER 5, 2012 QUOTATIONS THE INVISIBLE HORDE: “Peaceful, loving Christians are the rule in both their frequency and lack of newsworthiness, and as a result – due to the availability heuristic – we underestimate their prevalence.” DON’T BE LIKE LADY MacBETH: “I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: Bill Clinton, Black Jesus, and Spiders on Mars

Daily fragments for October 4, 2012: Quotations JOHN C. GOODMAN: “If we just allowed low-income people to obtain health care in the same way we allow them to obtain food, we would make health care immediately accessible to millions of people.” – John C. Goodman. BUBBA: “If you live in a shame-based society where you [Read More…]

Daily Fragment: Jesus Doesn’t Want Leaders – He Wants First-Followers

With all the talk in Christian circles about the calling and forming of leaders, you might think that “leadership” was a major theme of Jesus’ teachings.  It wasn’t.  Jesus never calls for leaders.  He calls for followers.  Consider this video from Derek Sivers, which he presented at TED: From the transcript: “Being a first follower [Read More…]