Breakfast Links for 12/10/12 – Suicide and the Code of Silence; Neither Gods nor Dogs; Dismissing Resentment


BREAKFAST LINKS 12/10/12: Father Tom Merola, Patheos/The Jesus Creed: “When a life abounds in love, love is not simply present; it teems with it, is filled with it, is rich beyond measure in love.” Thom S. Rainer, Baptist Press: Church for the Nones, Nominals & Nomads J. E. Dyer, Patheos/The Optimistic Christian: “One of the [Read More...]

Breakfast Links: War With Sticks and Stones; Licensed to Kill; More Than Conquerors


BREAKFAST LINKS: Frank Moore Cross: “All our great toys and tech may one day be brought down, and Einstein’s prophecy will come true: ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’” Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary: If Obama Loses, Is Bill [Read More...]

The Moral Hazard of Slum Tourism


NOTE: The following is a guest post from my sainted father, Galen C. Dalrymple, director at, an organization devoted to crowd-sourcing compassion and empowering ministries serving the neediest children in the world. Recently the filmmakers of Not Today, along with my friends at Lovell-Fairchild, took my father to India to learn more about the film.  He is [Read More...]

What Happens After Death

Kendra (Alger) Amrine at age 16, from an article in the Tracy Press in 1992.

Raymond Lo and Kendra (Alger) Amrine were beautiful people who lived rich and happy lives, but they were very different. About the only thing they have in common is that they’re both gone, leaving families behind that will try to pick up the pieces and keep on living. [Read more...]

Were those who celebrated bin Laden's death like those who celebrated the 9/11 atrocity?

Imagine that some righteous German, a man very much like Bonhoeffer, had managed to kill Adolf Hitler a few years earlier than he actually died, and thus prevented the death of millions of soldiers and innocents.  Would that have been cause for celebration? I am beginning a periodic series called With Distinction, in which I [Read More...]