Detroit Pastor Envisions an ‘Urban Turn’ in Christian Apologetics

By Joseph E. Gorra Different images and ideas tend to populate the imagination of evangelical laity and pastors when they think about the ‘work of Christian apologetics.’ Maybe some mostly imagine people ‘winning arguments’ or ‘defeating objections’ to Christian faith. Or, still others may just predominately think of the work of leading personalities in apologetics [Read More…]

Guest Post: Books to Help You Survive College with Your Faith Intact

I’m pleased at last to present the final installment of this series on remaining faithful in your college years, from two Christian academics and philosophers I greatly respect, Douglas Groothuis and Sarah Geis. As with all guest posters, their opinions (and book recommendations in this case) are their own, and the title is mine. I’d [Read More…]

Today We Are All Bostonians

My wife and I lived for eight years in the Boston area, including four years in the heart of Cambridge and two years in Watertown.  The very same route from Cambridge to Watertown where the Marathon bombers led police on a deadly chase – we drove it multiple times every day.  The police and press [Read More…]

Faithful Christianity in College

I’m grateful to Douglas Groothuis and Sarah Geis for this guest series on the practices of a flourishing faith in college. * Faithful Christianity in College (Part 1 of 3) By Douglas Groothuis and Sarah Geis The greatest challenge which lies ahead in college for a Christian is not getting good grades or being taught [Read More…]

Narnia, Plato, and C.S. Lewis on the Hope of Heaven

C.S. Lewis was a certain Christian but an uncertain Platonist. A comparison to his contemporary A.E. Taylor, author of a magisterial commentary on Timaeus, illuminates the debt Lewis owed the Platonic dialogue. Taylor was a Christian, an apologist, and (with somewhat less reason than he might have thought) he was proud of his prosody. Lewis [Read More…]