Dalrymple’s Rules of Debate Interpretation

"I hope you brought an extra pair of that special underwear, Willard."  "I'll crush you with my mind, Barry, until you cry for mercy from Allah."

Here for your enjoyment are Dalrymple’s Rules of Debate Interpretation. 1.  Television pundits, in the immediate aftermath of the debate, are the worst possible guides to understanding the debate and how it will shape the electoral landscape.  It’s just another spin room, except the allegiances and antipathies, the man-crushes and job tryouts are concealed. 2. [Read More...]

Quick Thoughts on the Debate So Far


A few quick thoughts on the debate so far: Obama is definitely leveraging his incumbency.  “I know that you’re not in a position to actually put your foreign policy into practice, but…”  “One thing I’ve learned as Commander in Chief is…”  This will come across as condescending and arrogant to people on the Right — [Read More...]

Five Things I Wish Mitt Romney Would Say in the Debate


UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers!  Please subscribe through the buttons at the right if you enjoy this post. Also, one of the commenters recommended: “Osama bin Laden was caught due to our extraordinary intelligence and military apparatus.  You, Mr President, didn’t build that.” 1.  When Obama misrepresents Romney’s proposals: “I think we can all agree that the [Read More...]

America Meets Reverend Romney

Reverend Romney

In a post entitled “Three Course Corrections: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney,” I wrote back in January that Romney should not be afraid to “let his faith flag fly.”  I took some heat from some of my friends for criticizing the campaign openly, but my intention was to be constructive, so I forwarded the [Read More...]

Why Barack Obama’s Debate Performance is Irrelevant


It was unsurprising that President Obama performed better on Long Island than he did in Denver.  If there is one thing his friends and foes agree upon when it comes to the character of Barack Obama, it’s that he’s intensely competitive.  According to reports, Obama did not know how poorly he had performed in Denver. [Read More...]