Guest Post: Books to Help You Survive College with Your Faith Intact


I’m pleased at last to present the final installment of this series on remaining faithful in your college years, from two Christian academics and philosophers I greatly respect, Douglas Groothuis and Sarah Geis. As with all guest posters, their opinions (and book recommendations in this case) are their own, and the title is mine. I’d [Read More...]

Loud on Poverty, Quiet on Abortion: The Danger of Selective Theonomy


My friend Rob Schwarzwalder from the Family Research Council offers the following guest post this morning: * Religion, Morality, and Policy: The Danger of Selective Theonomy  By Rob Schwarzwalder “Theonomy” is not a word that trips easily off the tongue. It refers to a strain of Christian thinking that demands application of Old Testament civil [Read More...]

Mark Labberton on the Fragmentation and Future of American Evangelicalism


Last week, on the day Fuller Seminary announced its new President, Mark Labberton, we weren’t able to make our schedules match for an interview. On the following day, since the standard announcement-day interviews had already been done (a fine one appeared online at Christianity Today), I tried to make the conversation a little different. Labberton [Read More...]

Beyond Activism Innocence


It was my pleasure this week to interview Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, whose book, The World is Not Ours to Save, is really rocking some boats.  Some of my most conservative friends, as well as some of my most progressive friends, have really enjoyed the book, so I was eager to talk with Tyler.  Patheos is also featuring [Read More...]

Can a Teddy Bear Save Your Child from Hell?


Listen, brother: If you don’t want your children to roast forever in hell, you should buy this teddy bear from John Hagee ministries. That was the message of a product commercial that Matthew Paul Turner noted recently on his blog.  You’ll have to take my word for it, since the commercial has since vanished from [Read More...]