Want to End Rabid Partisanship? Reform American Academia

After so much talk of uniting Americans and promoting civility and overcoming our political polarization, why do we still observe such hostility between opposing political camps?  Why, in an era of unprecedented access to other lifestyles and religions and philosophies, do we seem to understand one another less and less?  Why so much road rage [Read More…]

Rick Santorum Interview: The New Awakening of Conservative Christians

As I mentioned in my last post, I interviewed Rick Santorum some time ago, but never published it since it was trapped on a damaged hard drive.  Since I recently extracted information from the hard drive, and since Senator Santorum is now a top-tier candidate for the presidency, I thought it would be interesting to [Read More…]

Rick Santorum Interview: How JFK Misled the Country on Faith and Politics

Perhaps it was providential that my hard drive was damaged and I couldn’t extract the interview with Senator Santorum until recently.  After all, now that Rick Santorum is a top-tier candidate for the GOP nomination, it’s much more interesting. When I interviewed former Senator Rick Santorum about faith and politics back in October of 2010, [Read More…]

Reflections on the CLS Case, Part 1

I am going to share some reflections today on the CLS v. Martinez case.  Yesterday I posted first responses as they were received.  Today, now that the dust has settled a little more, there is time for sober reflection.  In this first post, I am going to give the background, so that anyone who is [Read More…]

Our Coverage on CLS v. Martinez

Our interviews with some of the major players in the CLS v Martinez case are beginning to go live.  We just posted interviews with Michael McConnell (whom we had interviewed earlier), who argued the case on behalf of CLS before the Supreme Court, and Marci Hamilton, who sides very much with Hastings. A quote or [Read More…]