Gay Unions and Christian Divisions

It’s always a pleasure to post a piece from the terrific Pete Wehner, whose sojourn has led him through three Republican presidential administrations, to the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and now to a position as a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. Full bio below. * A recent Washington Post story on gay marriage [Read More…]

Always ‘In the Hunt’

An inspiring guest post by a writer I respect and enjoy reading – Timothy Dalrymple  * By Marta Hummel Mossburg Rowing is not a sport for our times. In an age where even the president thinks it’s OK to snap a selfie at a funeral, the concept of finding oneself through losing oneself is oxymoronic. [Read More…]

The American Church and Global AIDS over the Last Decade: An Untold Story

For generations, Christian people and institutions have provided a large share of all health care on the continent. During the worst of the crisis, that included much of the care for those living with HIV. [Read more…]

The Rings of the Lord

By Robert Crosby Jesus had an inner circle. The Bible offers plenty of examples. As a matter of fact, he had several circles or rings of relationship around him. When the mother of James and John asked Jesus to allow her sons to enter one of those rings, he did not deny her request. However, [Read More…]

Why Southern Baptists Quiesced and What to Do – Part 2

This is the second part of the article by Dr. Paige Patterson, the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In light of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention I’m happy to share his thoughts on the future of America’s largest Protestant denomination. The first part of the article is here.  * In Part [Read More…]