The Intriguing “Saffron Cross” by J. Dana Trent

by Laurel Woolcott Dalrymple In my few travels to other lands, Hindu India has always struck me as a place where spirituality is in the air; it is almost palpable, in way that is unique to it, and unusual to the West. Reading Saffron Cross brought this feeling back to me in a powerful way. The book is J. Dana Trent’s [Read More…]

The Right Lesson to Learn from the World Vision Kerfuffle

It’s been months since I’ve written a proper blog post, but the kerfuffle around World Vision draws me out of my cave. I have a lot of sympathy for the leadership of World Vision. They are doing extraordinary, life-saving work. They are captaining a billion-dollar organization that’s global and complex and fraught with dangers on [Read More…]

Seven Stories of Love

From my great friend Cameron Doolittle, an inspiring post about a “feet on the ground” way to show real love. * By Cameron Doolittle As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s worth remembering that romantic love is not the only love worth celebrating. The love among families, especially parents’ love for their children, is one of the [Read More…]

“‘How’ We Grow Old is More Important than How ‘Old’ We Grow”

Rising above the issues that seniors face in their later years: A review of “Rich in Years” by Johann Christoph Arnold. By Galen Dalrymple   “Rich in Years” is a book that is written by a senior for seniors to help them find meaning and purpose in their later years.  The book examines many of [Read More…]

An Iowa Farm Boy Remembers Halloween

by Galen Dalrymple I once was an Iowa farm boy, but I’ve not lived there for decades. But once an Iowan farm boy, always an Iowa farm boy, I guess. There is still something wondrous about returning to the land of my roots. My father lies buried in the rich Iowa soil, as do my [Read More…]