Phillip Phillips’ “Home” — Can the USA Women’s Gymnasts Bring Home the Gold?

Phillip Phillips’ Home, which he performed as his coronation song on American Idol, has apparently leapt up the sales charts as it has been featured very effectively in promoting the women’s Olympic gymnastics team in London.  It’s a nifty bit of video and sound editing, and you can find it (the song, at least) below. [Read More…]

USA Men Underperform, British Men Outperform, Japanese Men Out-Protest

In summary, the American men, who had the highest score in the qualifying rounds, and who were expected to be the first American team to challenge for a gold medal since the boycotted 1984 Los Angeles Games, suffered an absolute meltdown in the team finals, beginning especially with their second event, the pommel horse.  They [Read More…]

Could Great Britain be Olympic Medalists?

The Olympic Games continue, with the men’s team finals in the Olympic gymnastics competition.  The men from Great Britain are performing well on the floor exercise while Ukraine is performing respectably on the rings. Great Britain — in living memory, literally — has not won an Olympic medal in gymnastics. The last British tumbler, Christian [Read More…]

For American Men Gymnasts, Pommel Horse is a Killer

There is no event in gymnastics more difficult than the pommel horse.  It’s the safest event for the men — even if you fall off, it’s almost impossible to hurt yourself badly.  So you might think that male gymnasts would breathe a sigh of relief when they come to this event.  But they don’t.  It’s [Read More…]

The Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team is Cruising to Gold

China takes a huge lead into the final event, and the pommel horse historically has been a great event for China.  Chen Yibing finishes his routine and comes away shouting with elation.  We can all see where this is going. If I were the Chinese gymnasts right now, I’d be cutting any high-risk skills and [Read More…]