Narnia, Plato, and C.S. Lewis on the Hope of Heaven

C.S. Lewis was a certain Christian but an uncertain Platonist. A comparison to his contemporary A.E. Taylor, author of a magisterial commentary on Timaeus, illuminates the debt Lewis owed the Platonic dialogue. Taylor was a Christian, an apologist, and (with somewhat less reason than he might have thought) he was proud of his prosody. Lewis [Read More…]

Can a Teddy Bear Save Your Child from Hell?

Listen, brother: If you don’t want your children to roast forever in hell, you should buy this teddy bear from John Hagee ministries. That was the message of a product commercial that Matthew Paul Turner noted recently on his blog.  You’ll have to take my word for it, since the commercial has since vanished from [Read More…]

How Should Christians Think About Near-Death Experiences?

A recent piece I wrote on hell was inspired, in part, by the story of 23 Minutes in Hell, an account from a gentleman named Bill Wiese of a nighttime experience in which, he believed, he was permitted to experience hell for a short period of time in order to return to the land of the [Read More…]

God is Not a Torturer

Imagine three people in a windowless prison cell.  The first is a torturer, the second a prisoner, and the third an observer. The torturer is with the prisoner, doing what torturers do.  He puts the prisoner in the most extraordinary agony a human being can experience.  Horrendous pain.  The prisoner is screaming, writhing, begging for [Read More…]

Frank Schaeffer: Prince of the Scorn Merchants

I’ve written before on the hot market for scorn of conservative evangelicals.  The immediate provocation was a post from Rachel Held Evans which was unfair, I thought, to evangelicals who oppose gay marriage, but I tried to make clear that Rachel is a minor and periodic offender.  Compared to the strains of scorn one finds [Read More…]