What Launched the Bell Battle? – Part 1: Rob Bell is No C. S. Lewis

A guest post at Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed, from philosopher/author Jeff Cook, suggests that “the debate over Love Wins is not actually a fight only about doctrine. It is about angst caused by different cultures and philosophical precommitments.”  The anger directed at Bell is partly because he “intimidates some because he is part of [an urban, [Read More…]

A Framework for Understanding the Rob Bell Controversy

It’s taking me longer than I had hoped to write my own review of the famously hip Rob Bell’s famously controversial new book, Love Wins, but in the meantime I wanted to offer what I hope is a helpful framework for understanding some of the issues at hand.  I happen to believe that only 10-20% of [Read More…]

Rob Bell Interview – Transcript

Beginning tomorrow, Patheos is hosting a discussion of Rob Bell’s controversial new book, Love Wins. I’ve posted some opening thoughts already. The fate of non-believers is one of the most challenging issues facing evangelicals today, in part because it tends to divide evangelical on generational, cultural and social-political lines. It also unearths a whole host [Read More…]

Love Fails – Rob Bell, Hellgate, and the Ethics of Christian Conversation

To believe in hell is not to be hateful.  And to defend the truth as you see it is not to be angry, arrogant or abusive.  The truth matters, and we are not free to rearrange the truth to suit our preferences.  If there is a hell, then it would be unloving in the extreme [Read More…]