Breakfast Links for 12/17/12 – Children, Shootings and God’s Plan; Living on the Cliff-Edge; Lessons of “Zero Dark Thirty”

BREAKFAST LINKS 12/17/12: Amy Julia Becker, Patheos/Thin Places: “Advent is a time of longing, of crying out for God to continue to break into this broken world and make it right. And so, with anger and fear and sorrow and the thinnest wisp of hope, we cry out. Come, Lord Jesus. Come into the horror. [Read More…]

Breakfast Links for 12/12/12 – Angelic Company; Seasons of the Soul; Hacking the Human Brain

BREAKFAST LINKS 12/12/12: Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: “Scripture treats angelic companionship as a standard part of our relationship with God. “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them,” says Psalm 34.7.” Ron Quinlan, ChristianPost: One Last Christmas Paul Louis Metzger, Patheos/Uncommon God, Common Good: “So often [Read More…]

God Doesn't Give Us What We Deserve – So Should We Be Glad bin Laden "Got What He Deserved"?

Last week I began a series of three posts responding to the death of Osama bin Laden — and to the discomfort many felt at the way in which that death was celebrated by Americans, including many American Christians.  The first post considered the claim, “The people celebrating the death of bin Laden are like [Read More…]

What Can We Celebrate – and What Ought We Not to Celebrate – About Osama bin Laden's Death

As I noted in Part One of this series, a controversy has blossomed in the blogosphere and on social networking sites over the “Excessive Celebration” of many young people in DC, New York, and just about every college town once the news was confirmed that Osama bin Laden had been killed.  The first part considered [Read More…]

Now It's Getting Ugly: Was Obama Essentially Sidelined on the Osama bin Laden Raid? – UPDATED

UPDATE: I originally came across this story through a Tweet, and Live Leak, and the blog known as Atlas Shrugs.  I don’t regularly read Atlas Shrugs, although I know that Pamela Geller (the proprietor of that blog) has written some things regarding Muslim matters that seem wrong to me.  Anyway, after posting this, some folks [Read More…]