Quick Thoughts on the Debate So Far

A few quick thoughts on the debate so far: Obama is definitely leveraging his incumbency.  “I know that you’re not in a position to actually put your foreign policy into practice, but…”  “One thing I’ve learned as Commander in Chief is…”  This will come across as condescending and arrogant to people on the Right — [Read More…]

America Meets Reverend Romney

In a post entitled “Three Course Corrections: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney,” I wrote back in January that Romney should not be afraid to “let his faith flag fly.”  I took some heat from some of my friends for criticizing the campaign openly, but my intention was to be constructive, so I forwarded the [Read More…]

Four Reasons Why a Candidate’s Faith Matters – And Why This Helps Romney

If Robert Jeffress—who famously called Mormonism a “cult” and Romney “not a Christian”—had merely urged Christians to prefer their fellow Christians amongst equally qualified candidates, he would not have found himself in such hot water. A simple thought experiment shows us that most of us are, in fact, willing to consider a candidate’s faith in [Read More…]

News Flash: Atheists Hate Romney

The Secular Coalition of America has released its candidate scorecard for 2012 and, to the absolute astonishment of absolutely nobody, Romney receives a failing grade. [Read more…]

Five Surprising Responses to the First Presidential Debate

Romney was the clear winner of the first Presidential debate tonight.  He answered questions about his preparedness.  He achieved what he wanted to achieve.  He changed the narrative.  He demonstrated remarkable control of data and detail.  And he fought back effectively against the caricatures of him that have gained currency in American media and pop [Read More…]