Romney Flounders in Fishtown

What’s wrong with the Romney campaign?  Even amongst its supporters, it’s a common question.  Romney’s Boston headquarters ran a famously tight ship through most of the campaign thus far, but now that ship is listing.  If it does not plot a new course, it will founder on the shoals of a Republican populism that refuses [Read More…]

Mitt’s “Very Poor” Phrasing

A friend asked me whether I cared to defend Mitt Romney today, given his (in the words of this friend) “‘I don’t care about the poor’ bit.”  He linked to a blog post from another friend, Eric Teetsel, at AEI, entitled “Mitt Romney: You Do Care About the Poor.” The answer is basically: No, I [Read More…]

Three Course Corrections – An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mr Romney, We’ve only met once, but we have mutual friends — and in the strange and often surprising interconnectedness the internet provides, I write in the hope, however humble, that this letter will actually find its way into your hands.  I’ve admired you ever since the SLC Olympics.  I supported you throughout your governorship. [Read More…]

On Mitt’s Mormonism, Are Evangelicals Witnessing Christ?

Many socially conservative evangelicals in Iowa, concerned about the prospect of a Romney presidency, and encouraged by organizations like The Family Leader and the Iowa Family Policy Center, coalesced at the last possible moment behind Rick Santorum.  Even if it was not the “landslide” for Santorum that the Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats had predicted, it [Read More…]

An Open Letter to the Romney Skeptics

Dear Mitt Romney skeptics, and especially my fellow evangelicals, Do you remember how it felt when the economy began to implode in those anxious, waning months of 2008?  We were coming down to the wire in the election contest, and the candidates we had to choose between were Barack Obama and John McCain.  Given the [Read More…]