Morning Report: Environmental Insanity, More Cowbell!, Cornel West, the Failing Church, and Ralph Reed

In the News 1.  Walter Russell Mead, ever since he left the Henry Kissinger Chair on the Council of Foreign Relations, has been one of the best columnists and commentators in the country.  If you’re not reading him regularly, you should.  In his latest piece, he speaks of a bit of environmentalist madness that is [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 24: Maybe Bush Wasn't the Problem, the Dangers of Public Employee Unions, Super-Rubio, Complementarianism, Evolution and Mahaney

In the News 1.  OBAMA: THE MAN WITH THE PLAN?  Although it contains a generous helping of the usual Obama-adoration (“He’s Tiger Woods — a natural who’s lost his swing”) from someone whose own sensibilities align with the President’s in almost every particular, Thomas Friedman’s column today is worth reading if only for this point: [Read More…]

Morning Links

Since I have been traveling and unable to piece together my usual Morning Reports, I thought I would drop a few links here to articles I’ve enjoyed: The Extraordinary Story of A. N. Wilson Losing Faith and Gaining it Back Again Ed Stetzer on Denominations as Tools for Missions and Ministry Why I Will Never [Read More…]

Morning Report, June 18: Tea Parties and Social Responsibility, The Kobe Dynasty, Experts Have No Friends, Warren Buffett, Gaza, and Afghanistan

Religious and secular news and commentary that one Christian found important or entertaining this morning: 1.  TEA TIME.  Yesterday, “Is the Tea Party a ‘Social Justice’ Movement?” was featured at First Things, Hot Air and Instapundit, and helped contribute to Patheos’ highest traffic day ever.  Many thanks to Elizabeth Scalia (aka ‘The Anchoress’), Ed Morrisey [Read More…]

Morning Report, June 17: The Hitchens Boys, Tea Party Effusions, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Special-Needs Families, Raising Children Today, and Gail Collins, Karl Rove and Michael Barone

1.  SIBLING RIVALRY.  At First Things, Theodore Dalrymple (no relation) reflects on sibling relations and faith/atheism in the cases of Christopher and Peter Hitchens.  Dalrymple is himself an atheist, but not by any stretch the kind of strident, hateful atheist that the more famous of the Hitchens brothers is.  Dalrymple is also a conservative and [Read More…]