Morning Report, April 7, 2010:

Links to secular and Christian news and commentary that one Christian found important or entertaining this morning: 1.  More information on the simmering tensions between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. 2.  QUESTIONING THE NARRATIVE.  Scot McKnight begins a series at Jesus Creed that disputes Brian McLaren’s depiction of “the soul-sort narrative.”  Relatedly, see my post [Read More…]

Morning Report, Tuesday, April 6, 2010: iMonk, Mining Hope, Tim Keller, Acne on Everest, Nuclear Weaponry, and Elian Gonzalez

The Christian and secular news and commentary one Christian found important or entertaining this morning: 1.  THE PASSING OF A BROTHER.  Certainly not entertaining, yet important, and saddening, is the passing of Michael Spencer, also known as the Internet Monk or iMonk.  See our post on the subject here. 2.  MINING HOPE.  Our prayers are [Read More…]

Morning Report: Monday, April 5, 2010: The Victims of Catholic Abuse, Tea Partiers,

News and commentary on Elmo, John Piper and Rick Warren, the meaning of Easter, Peggy Noonan and Catholics, the composition of the Tea Party, monkeys and space ships, Tiger Woods, the Supreme Court, the “missing link,” and, as always, Today’s Two-Sides. [Read more…]

Morning Report, April 2, 2010

A set of links on Christian and secular news and commentary: [Read more…]

Morning Report for March 31, 2010

The Morning Report, which began when this was a solo blog, is hereby reinstalled, yet as a series of links to news and commentary both sacred and secular.  Thus, one Christian’s sense of what is worth reading today: 1.  HOLY WEDNESDAY.  Here, we think, is what happened on Wednesday of Holy Week.  Prepare for Friday [Read More…]