Parenting in an Age of Affluence

Karina on one of her now-frequent water delivery missions to Africa.

I’ve been fortunate to come to know a lot of extraordinary people.  One of them is Ivy Ku, an exceptionally talented doctor (a Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Harvard pedigree isn’t too shabby) who is also an exceptionally committed follower of Jesus.  My wife grew up with Ivy, and Ivy and her husband are seeking to [Read More...]

On the Inadequacies of Motherhood

The deep sadness that comes with the waning of those golden years is mitigated somewhat by the realization that the children really need to go. They are too big. I don’t mean that physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I still want to mother them, but they’re too big for me. They have outgrown me. I still want to hold them, but my stroking will not quiet their anxieties and ambitions. I no longer have what they need to sustain their journey. [Read more...]