The Glory of “For Greater Glory”

A few weeks ago I saw an early screening of For Greater Glory in Los Angeles. After the screening, I was prepared to write a conflicted review, one that celebrated the uplifting intentions of the film but lamented that the script was overstuffed, that it tried to tell too many stories at once and so [Read More…]

War Horse: A Modern Epic on the End of Modernity

War Horse is not a postmodern film.  Steven Spielberg’s latest offering does not aim for the stylish irony of a Quentin Tarantino film, the melancholic psycho-spirituality of Darren Aronofsky, the stylized editing of David Fincher, the staggering reversals of M. Night Shyamalan or powerful complexity of Christopher Nolan’s multi-layered masterpieces.  I’ll publish a review of [Read More…]

A Movement of "Courageous" Culture-Making Churches?

Here are a few paragraphs from what I wrote for the “Religion Notebook” in the next issue of World Magazine: The new movie Courageous played before a packed house in its red-carpet premiere in Atlanta on August 26th. It tells the story of a group of male friends who remember the importance of fatherhood and [Read More…]

Are Christian Movies Really So Bad? Is Despair Wiser than Hope? A Reflection on "Soul Surfer"

Andrew O’Hehir at Salon recently penned a review of Soul Surfer entitled, “Why are Christian movies so awful?” He calls Soul Surfer “a trite, sentimental puddle of sub-Hollywood mush, with mediocre photography, weak special effects and an utterly formulaic script.” Christian cinema, he says, is “permanently stuck in 1986, with a self-ghettoizing mandate to present positive role [Read More…]