A Tale of Two Presbyterian Ministers: Mission Drift at the World’s First Child-Sponsorship Organization


Chris Horst and Peter Greer have a terrific book out now called Mission Drift. I asked whether they might share something with the Patheos audience connected to the book, and they were generous enough to supply the following. Enjoy! * Mission Drift at the World’s First Child-Sponsorship Organization By Chris Horst and Peter Greer We [Read More...]

The Moral Hazard of Slum Tourism


NOTE: The following is a guest post from my sainted father, Galen C. Dalrymple, director at iam2.org, an organization devoted to crowd-sourcing compassion and empowering ministries serving the neediest children in the world. Recently the filmmakers of Not Today, along with my friends at Lovell-Fairchild, took my father to India to learn more about the film.  He is [Read More...]

Restoring Christian Care for Orphans

I’ve begun to assemble my post on why those with post-graduate degrees support Obama, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  I just got off the phone with Jedd Medefind, who briefly headed President Bush’s office of faith-based initiatives.  Jedd is an exceptionally articulate, intelligent, good-hearted man who now heads the Christian Alliance for [Read More...]