“‘How’ We Grow Old is More Important than How ‘Old’ We Grow”

Rising above the issues that seniors face in their later years: A review of “Rich in Years” by Johann Christoph Arnold. By Galen Dalrymple   “Rich in Years” is a book that is written by a senior for seniors to help them find meaning and purpose in their later years.  The book examines many of [Read More…]

The Old Testament’s Message to Our Culture

By Dr. David Murray What can the Old Testament possibly say to our culture? It seems a million miles and sometimes a million years away from our time, our generation, and our problems. How can something so old address all the new challenges of globalization, sex-trafficking, the digital revolution, etc. There’s no question that the [Read More…]

Breakfast Links for 12/13/12 – Leave Your Snakes Home; Jedi Knights and Faith; Positive Negative Thinking

BREAKFAST LINKS 12/13/12: Arlene Sanchez-Walsh, Patheos/Re-Generacion: “When I started teaching a class on global Pentecostalism this fall, I think the word was out that I was Pentecostal, and one of my students was stunned that I did not show up the first day of class in a long skirt, long hair, and no make-up–to which [Read More…]