Is it Bigotry to Oppose a Candidate on Religious Grounds? – Romney and Evangelicals, Pt. 1

If you believe that a set of religious beliefs is fundamentally mistaken, even detrimental to the eternal fate of its adherents, does this make you a bigot?  Are you a bigot if you believe that people who hold to this set of religious beliefs are less desirable as potential Presidents? Romney, Evangelicals and Bigotry I [Read More…]

Harold Camping Needs an Intervention

Some of the intersections of faith and politics are so littered with landmines that it’s virtually impossible to navigate them without taking some shrapnel in the legs.  People of faith and good will must discuss them, however, if they’re matters worth discussing, lest we leave the conversation to those who simply enjoy or actually profit [Read More…]

Were those who celebrated bin Laden's death like those who celebrated the 9/11 atrocity?

Imagine that some righteous German, a man very much like Bonhoeffer, had managed to kill Adolf Hitler a few years earlier than he actually died, and thus prevented the death of millions of soldiers and innocents.  Would that have been cause for celebration? I am beginning a periodic series called With Distinction, in which I [Read More…]

The Global Faith Forum – First Thoughts

Yesterday I arrived at NorthWood Church in Keller, Texas, to attend the Global Faith Forum, which has gathered together leaders of conservative Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities that want to learn how to build relationships with one another and work together for the healing and redemption of the world.  Here is an image (h/t) from [Read More…]