Reflections on the Gay Marriage Decision

As ever, a pleasure to offer this guest post from my friend Peter Wehner, a thoughtful Christian and one of the most important voices on public policy today: * Some Reflections on the Gay Marriage Decision By Peter Wehner In light of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, here are some thoughts on [Read More…]

Gay Unions and Christian Divisions

It’s always a pleasure to post a piece from the terrific Pete Wehner, whose sojourn has led him through three Republican presidential administrations, to the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and now to a position as a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. Full bio below. * A recent Washington Post story on gay marriage [Read More…]

Christian Faith and the AIDS Crisis

The global AIDS initiative qualifies as one of the great moral stories, one of the great humanitarian acts, of the last half-century. And Christians, individually and institutionally, were there to assist. [Read more…]

Where Franklin Graham Has Gone Wrong

I’m always pleased to publish a post by the esteemed Peter Wehner.  * By Peter Wehner The evangelist Franklin Graham had quite a run last week. In interviews and statements, he praised Russian president Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay policies. “I agreed with Putin. I think protecting his nation’s children, I think, was a pretty smart thing [Read More…]


I’m always pleased to publish a post by the esteemed Peter Wehner. A bio follows the essay: * By Peter Wehner The best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell has written an article in Relevant magazine “How I Rediscovered Faith.” He recounts being raised in a Christian home and wandering off the path taken by the rest of [Read More…]