Bad Epistemology

By Mark Goldblatt “There is nothing new under the sun,” the author of Ecclesiastes assured us more than two millennia ago. Among the questions he glosses over, however, is how the sun got there in the first place. Which brings us to the Big Bang. In case you haven’t noticed, the origin of the world [Read More…]

Detroit Pastor Envisions an ‘Urban Turn’ in Christian Apologetics

By Joseph E. Gorra Different images and ideas tend to populate the imagination of evangelical laity and pastors when they think about the ‘work of Christian apologetics.’ Maybe some mostly imagine people ‘winning arguments’ or ‘defeating objections’ to Christian faith. Or, still others may just predominately think of the work of leading personalities in apologetics [Read More…]

Virtuous Minds – Faithful Christianity in College

Recently I published the first part of an essay from professor Douglas Groothuis and adjunct professor Sarah Geis, both of Denver Seminary.  As of this posting, it ominously has 666 shares.  In spite of this ill omen (please, all ye who assume evangelicals are idiots, see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek here), I’m [Read More…]

The Triumph of Alvin Plantinga

One of the more memorable evenings of my Harvard years came when I received a rather panicked call from an administrator for the Committee on the Study of Religion. “Would you be able to pick up a speaker from the airport?” she asked. Of course, I said. Who’s the speaker? “A guy named Alvin Plantinga.” [Read More…]

Anne Rice Explains Her Decision – And, What Does it Mean to Love?

Have Christians, as Anne Rice alleges, lost credibility on what it means to love? [Read more…]