Mitt: Make the Moral Case for Capitalism

Arthur Brooks nails it in this video.  Data-driven arguments on behalf of free-market capitalism will not prevail over moral arguments that appeal to “fairness” and the plight of those the market leaves behind.  In the marketplace of ideas, for the vast majority of people, “It’s immoral” will defeat “It works” every time. This is a [Read More…]

Want to Help the Poor? Promote a Free Market in Health Care

What health care program would most benefit the poor? One healthcare expert’s answer may might surprise you. [Read more…]

A Business Contract with America

Hugh Hewitt is not only a nationally syndicated radio host with Salem; he’s also a brilliant law professor and practicing attorney, an accomplished author, and a true leader in the conservative movement.  He’s been a good friend to me, and we spent 30 minutes on his show discussing my book on the faith and athletic [Read More…]

Against the Hippies: Or, In Defense of American Individualism

[UPDATE: Welcome readers of Hugh Hewitt and Instapundit!  If you enjoy this post, please subscribe in the box in the sidebar or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.] Kurt Andersen’s piece in the New York Times today is in some respects a terrific column.  But if you can spot the vast logical leap. Andersen recalls a [Read More…]

Three Course Corrections – An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Dear Mr Romney, We’ve only met once, but we have mutual friends — and in the strange and often surprising interconnectedness the internet provides, I write in the hope, however humble, that this letter will actually find its way into your hands.  I’ve admired you ever since the SLC Olympics.  I supported you throughout your governorship. [Read More…]