Bush Hatred Prevails Over Obama Love

A presidency that began with such hope and optimism, and such astronomical approval and support, may well end in the utter collapse of the modern liberal program. I’m sure that sounds like an overstatement, and perhaps it is.  2012 will be no cakewalk for Republicans, and they’re fully capable of bungling the opportunity history has [Read More…]

Reversing the Great Moral Decline

These days if you let it slip that you’d like to restore the Judeo-Christian ethical underpinnings of American society, you’re likely to be labeled an extremist.  You must want to forcibly convert the masses, outlaw other religions, imprison the atheists, ban secularists from the political sphere and achieve theocratic “dominion” of Christians over the apparatus [Read More…]

Warren Buffett's Thank You Note – And When Was the Crisis Averted?

A nice piece in the New York Times today from Warren Buffett, in which he writes a “thank you note” to Uncle Sam for pulling the country away from the brink of utter economic collapse.  Knowing that Buffett publicly supported Barack Obama for the presidency, I wondered whether this was an attempt to suggest that [Read More…]