Was Plucky Huck Mistaken to Save Akin’s Bacon?


Mike Huckabee has defended Todd Akin even after his infamous Rapegate comments. Are social conservatives bound by principle to defend their fellow pro-lifer? [Read more...]

I am a Hate-Filled Christian


Being an evangelical Christian, of course, I grew up with vicious hatreds implanted deep within my heart.  Hatred (I refuse to use “hate” when the proper word is “hatred”) for women who obtain abortions.  Hatred for gays.  Hatred for criminals and illegal aliens.  Hatred for people of other faiths.  Hatred, basically, for anyone unlike myself [Read More...]

Winning the “Heartbeat Away” Argument


Anyone else wondering why so many Romney surrogates and conservative pundits are jumping into the attack against Biden?  Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, all suggesting that Obama should abandon Biden.  They don’t actually want him to replace Biden with Hillary, of course; that would make for a much stronger Dem ticket.  But, knowing that [Read More...]

Is the Family Research Council a Hate Group?


Rob Schwarzwalder is Senior Vice President for the Family Research Council — and I met him in the past year at a Great Objects Gathering, an event meant to gather conservative and liberal evangelical leaders together and seek common cause on the overarching causes of our era.  I had never interacted much with FRC or [Read More...]

America’s Slow-Motion Suicide


What if freedom is its own worst enemy, and Americans’ abuse of their freedoms will undermine freedom in the proper sense and ultimately dismantle our society? This is the question posted in Os Guinness’ new book,  A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future. Guinness, in the tradition of Alexis de Tocqueville or G. K. [Read More...]