Out of Africa 6: Looking Homeward and Inward

By Galen Dalrymple Tomorrow I start my journey homeward to America. It sounds like a foreign land to me now after two months in the bush here in Africa. It is time for reflection, to take stock of lessons learned. What will I carry with me as a result of this journey? Many things, to [Read More…]

How the Beloved Community Can Heal Communities

Editor’s Note: As I was traveling this week, I’m especially grateful for a few guest posts. The below is from Rev. Samuel Atchison, who supervised my work in prison chaplaincy for about three years (first as a seminary internship, and then in a volunteer capacity). He wrote a piece appropriate for MLK Day, so I [Read More…]

Has America Lost the Protestant Work Ethic?

I was staggering around the internet this afternoon and came across this video of me asking Dr Peter Berger (famed sociologist of religion) a question at the Faith Angle Forum in Miami, Florida, in November 2011.  Since there was no Faith Angle Forum this Fall, I am left to drink a little wine and watch [Read More…]

The Folly of Courting the Black Vote

Recently I’ve enjoyed getting to know Mark Goldblatt, who teaches religious history in New York and writes for places like The New York Post and The National Review.  He’s also author of Bumper Sticker Liberalism.  He’s a fearless and electric writer, and the guest post that follows is…well, potentially offensive.  Which is not to say it should be offensive.  We [Read More…]

Is the High Rate of Black Support for Obama a Sign of Racism?

I’ve been wondering when we would have a serious conversation about the astronomically high approval rates amongst African-Americans for Barack Obama, and what those rates mean. Today there comes a poll, helpfully featured at Drudge, that may provoke precisely that conversation. I will offer a few more thoughts on these results tomorrow, particularly: Whether the higher [Read More…]