Hating on Bristol Palin, Back in Style

Hank Stuever writes in The Washington Post a review of Bristol Palin’s reality show, which debuted last night on Lifetime, called “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.”  The review does not get off to a good start.  Stuever notes that “the young Palin claims [her memoir] was a bestseller,” and in context the implication is clear [Read More...]

These French Never Surrender

I came to know David French through the extraordinary circle of friends who produce SixSeeds.org and SixSeeds.tv.  When I first asked David — a high-powered, Harvard-trained litigator, who was then with the Alliance Defense Fund — whether he might be interested in writing a column for the Evangelical Portal, I fully expected he’d say he [Read More...]


This morning my new column was published, “Palin Enragement Syndrome.”  The response to Palin, when she first came to the attention of the public, was so overwhelming and so extraordinarily negative that it requires explanation, and has to be explained by more than mere political opposition.  I begin the column thus: The fight over Sarah [Read More...]