Strange Things Afoot in Christian Media – Part 2

In the first part of this series, published earlier today, I recounted how Christianity Today published an investigative report concerning David Jang, a Korean pastor with great influence in Asian Christian circles and growing influence in American Christian circles as well.  The extensively researched and meticulously detailed article examined Jang’s past, the alleged prevalence of [Read More…]

Strange Things Afoot in Christian Media – Part 1

One of the more enjoyable facts about my present job is that I can, from my perch here at Patheos, see a fairly broad range of what’s going on in the world of Christian media.  And lately, strange things have been afoot.  No one seems to know quite what to do or say about it. [Read More…]

Hating on Bristol Palin, Back in Style

Hank Stuever writes in The Washington Post a review of Bristol Palin’s reality show, which debuted last night on Lifetime, called “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.”  The review does not get off to a good start.  Stuever notes that “the young Palin claims [her memoir] was a bestseller,” and in context the implication is clear [Read More…]

The Battle of the Bulge: Is the Weiner War Worth It?

As most of America knows by now, recently a picture went out from New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter feed to a pretty young coed, containing a picture of some bulging underpants.  The picture was quickly deleted from yfrog and Twitter, and Weiner claimed that his account was hacked.  A lot of folks seemed [Read More…]