Loud on Poverty, Quiet on Abortion: The Danger of Selective Theonomy

My friend Rob Schwarzwalder from the Family Research Council offers the following guest post this morning: * Religion, Morality, and Policy: The Danger of Selective Theonomy  By Rob Schwarzwalder “Theonomy” is not a word that trips easily off the tongue. It refers to a strain of Christian thinking that demands application of Old Testament civil [Read More…]

America’s Slow-Motion Suicide

What if freedom is its own worst enemy, and Americans’ abuse of their freedoms will undermine freedom in the proper sense and ultimately dismantle our society? This is the question posted in Os Guinness’ new book,  A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future. Guinness, in the tradition of Alexis de Tocqueville or G. K. [Read More…]

Michelle Obama's Obesity Crusade: Coming Soon to a Church Near You?

Michelle Obama has been appearing at churches, including evangelical churches, to speak on health, fitness and the dangers of obesity.  I recently heard from a member of North Point Church, Andy Stanley’s church in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, that Michelle Obama appeared there last February.  Meghan Clyne at the Weekly Standard wrote about it in April. The [Read More…]

Is it Bigotry to Oppose a Candidate on Religious Grounds? – Romney and Evangelicals, Pt. 1

If you believe that a set of religious beliefs is fundamentally mistaken, even detrimental to the eternal fate of its adherents, does this make you a bigot?  Are you a bigot if you believe that people who hold to this set of religious beliefs are less desirable as potential Presidents? Romney, Evangelicals and Bigotry I [Read More…]

Are Mormons Too Kooky for President? No.

A piece from our symposium on faith and the future of social conservatism — Warren Cole Smith’s explanation of why he does not believe that he, as an evangelical, can support Mitt — has upset some Mormon readers of Patheos.  And some non-Mormons too, for that matter.  My hope is always, even when people are [Read More…]