God and Friendship at Oxford — Everyday Transcendence

The Everyday Transcendence series highlights products of culture that point to higher things, or to the sacred in unexpected places.  I wanted to point to this exceptionally creative promotion for the Veritas Forum at Oxford, where the subject is on friendships and social networks.  These are the kinds of cultural products that are savvy, winsome, [Read More…]

Everyday Transcendence: A Deceased Soldier's Letter to His Daughter

From Britain’s Daily Mail comes the story of Lieutenant Todd Weaver, who was killed by an improvised explosive in Afghanistan in September 2010.  When his wife opened his laptop computer, two days after his funeral, she found letters that her husband had addressed to her and to their baby girl, in case he should die. [Read More…]

Everyday Transcendence: The 99 Balloons of Eliot Hartman Mooney

Art, profundity, transcendence, these things come in many forms.  The entries so far in my “Everyday Transcendence” series have all focused on music.  Today I want to focus on the beauty of a life well-lived in the midst of suffering. To bring a child into the world is to take an enormous risk.  I’ve written [Read More…]

Everyday Transcendence: Patty Griffin's "Mary"

I’ve always had a soft spot for folk music.  The sincerity, the lyricism, the simplicity of a musician and an instrument, the preference for elegant craftsmanship over big-budget production values, all appeal to me.  Plus, I’ve also stated that this Everyday Transcendence series might often be called Music for Melancholiacs, and folk music lends itself [Read More…]

Holy Night? Holy Smokes! Future of Forestry – Everyday Transcendence #2

A friend (thanks Alex) saw yesterday’s post in which I sang the praises of Sam Beam, Iron and Wine, and “The Trapeze Swinger.”  He responded by recommending Future of Forestry.  I confess I had never heard of them, and their full story is still not known to me.  They’re evidently Christian, but they don’t sound [Read More…]