The Circle of Protection, Poverty, Obama v. Romney, and Aaron Rodgers: The Morning Report

In the News 1.  “Christian Coalition Asks Obama to Protect the Poor During Meeting.”  There’s a lot to say about this.  On the surface it’s a simple matter: of course the budget should not be balanced “on the backs of the poor.”  Underneath the surface, it’s not so simple.  What if some programs designed to [Read More…]

Sunday Funnies

1.  It’s not often that I have my own comic piece to link to, so I better link to it this week. 2.  A friend sent me a link to a video from The Lonely Island this week, but the language in that video was too crude for a family blog, here’s a less crude [Read More…]

Sunday Funnies

1.  “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”  The following may be a ruse, but it’s pretty darn hilarious nonetheless.  It presents as a video bio for E-Harmony in which the woman was absolutely overcome with her love for cats: I’m guessing that wouldn’t have been the most successful video bid for dates.  But ya never [Read More…]

Sunday Funnies, July 3, 2011

1.  The Year of the Beard: 2.  NEWS YOU CAN USE.  Our long national nightmare, enslaved to uncertainty regarding the authenticity of Kim Kardashian’s bloated behind, is now over. 3.  The parody of children’s books, “Go the ___ to Sleep,” has received a great deal of attention.  Yet this Parody of Good Night Moon is more [Read More…]