Always ‘In the Hunt’

An inspiring guest post by a writer I respect and enjoy reading – Timothy Dalrymple  * By Marta Hummel Mossburg Rowing is not a sport for our times. In an age where even the president thinks it’s OK to snap a selfie at a funeral, the concept of finding oneself through losing oneself is oxymoronic. [Read More…]

Why Football Is (or Can Be) Good for the Soul

Mark Oppenheimer’s recent cover article on faith and football for Sports Illustrated is a sterling example of agenda journalism. Whether or not the author had an agenda when he accepted the assignment, he clearly had one by the time he started writing: not representing in a deep and nuanced way the faith lives of football players but [Read More…]

How Lance Armstrong Can Still Win the Race

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Scotty Curlee, a competitive cyclist who competed against many of Lance Armstrong’s teammates, some of whom are now under the cloud of scandal along with their fallen leader. See the end for more biographical information and for a link to Scotty’s new film. * How Lance Armstrong [Read More…]

LiveJuiced – Lance Armstrong’s Organized Crime Operation

Lance Armstrong soared into the stratosphere of global sports superheroes, attracted almost universal (outside of France) love and praise, and became one of the wealthiest athletes on the planet — on a wings of what was, arguably, the most sophisticated cheating operation ever perpetrated by an individual or team in modern sports.  The only comparison [Read More…]

Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, and NFL Concussions

Last night, in a matchup against the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler took a helmet-to-helmet cheap-shot to the head.  The linebacker who dealt the blow remained in the game — and so did Cutler.  He was hit in the head again on the next play, stayed in for another six plays, and then [Read More…]