Thinking Christianly

I am always impressed with the quality of the videos coming out of the Desiring God ministry of John Piper.  This is a compelling presentation, and I would have wanted to go anyway.  So, who’s going with me? [Read more…]

Andy Crouch on Creating and Cultivating Culture

I recently interviewed Andy Crouch for our upcoming series on “The Future of Evangelicalism,” and the interview was too long and too rich to include the whole thing (darn him!).  So I want to post the first half of the interview (on his past work) here, and the second half (on his present work) will [Read More…]

On Patheos and Veritas Riff

Beginning soon, Patheos will be featuring a series of podcasts issuing from the Veritas Riff project.  Since I am very excited about the material we will be receiving and promoting, and very glad to be working with the exceptional people who are administering and involved in the project, I wanted to point to this article [Read More…]

A Word and a Shelter

We all understand the power of words.  “Words can never hurt me,” we used to chant, but words can wound just as deeply as sticks and stones.  Words like “I never loved you.”  Like “This marriage is over.”  Like “hate” and “sub-human” and “declaration of war.” Yet words also liberate and bind and inspire.  “Four [Read More…]

Reflections on the CLS Case, Part 1

I am going to share some reflections today on the CLS v. Martinez case.  Yesterday I posted first responses as they were received.  Today, now that the dust has settled a little more, there is time for sober reflection.  In this first post, I am going to give the background, so that anyone who is [Read More…]