Those Hyper-Politicized Evangelicals!

Believe it or not, the senior pastor at the conservative evangelical church I attend — Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, Georgia — does not (I repeat: does not) condemn homosexuals and abortionists from the pulpit every week.  In fact, in the 1.5 years in which I’ve attended Perimeter Church, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard [Read More…]

Rabbi Shmuley Shmears Mohler, Tries to Boteach Him a Lesson

If you’re not familiar with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, then you’ve been missing out on one of the most fearfully and wonderfully named of contemporary religious writers and cultural commentators.  I’m not quite sure how this came to my attention — and I’m not sure how I find myself defending Al Mohler so often lately.  But [Read More…]

Three Angles on the Loughner Atrocity

My own column this week responds to the astonishing alacrity with which left-wing pundits like Paul Krugman leapt to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Right for the Jared Lee Loughner atrocity in Arizona.  It saddens and frustrates me that we are not talking more about the lives tragically lost, but bad ideas–and especially [Read More…]

When Campaign Ads Go Too Far

Campaign ads are a sordid lot.  We all know this.  But how do we know when campaign ads have crossed the line from spin to outright dishonesty, from manipulative to exploitative and morally repugnant? A recent transplant from Boston to Atlanta, I have not lived in Georgia long enough to feel invested in the local [Read More…]

Adventures in Rhetoric with Barack Obama

My liberal friends recently received a taste of the lecturing, condescension and caricature that Barack Obama has consistently cast in the direction of conservatives.  Progressives needed to “buck up,” said the President in a Rolling Stone interview, and appreciate the truly wonderful things that he had accomplished on their behalf.  To those who felt that [Read More…]