How Can Seminaries Shape Christ-Like Students?

This marks the end of “seminary week” for me here at Philosophical Fragments.  We’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming next week. In “Sex at Seminary” (and followup pieces here, here and here), I’ve made the case that seminaries should give greater attention to the moral and spiritual formation of their students.  In some cases, [Read More…]

More Sex in Seminary: A Response to Tony Jones

This post is part of a Patheos symposium on the Future of Seminary Education. * * * Tony Jones makes some interesting points, and interesting mistakes, in his response to my post on “Sex at Seminary.” Tony says that in the post I am “complaining that his classmates at Princeton Theological Seminary were indiscriminately jumping the sack with one [Read More…]

Does Obedience Matter?: Responses to Readers of “Sex at Seminary”

I suppose I should not have written a post that referenced sexual promiscuity, and touted “Sex at Seminary” in the title, and hoped that the ensuing conversation would focus on anything other than, well, sex.  The article has been passed around and linked here and there, and it’s essentially served as a bright neon SEX! [Read More…]

Finding Jesus (Again) at Seminary

My post on “Sex at Seminary” has prompted some angry responses.  I’m hardly the ideal person to express these things.  It will be hard for people not to read the post through the lens of identity politics.  I am an evangelical, and a conservative, making some critical comments about a Mainline Protestant seminary where the [Read More…]