Charles Brings Out the (Kraut)hammer

Charles Krauthammer continues to make the most forceful case against the Obama administration.  Look at what he writes on “Obama’s Campaign for Class Resentment“: Yes, growing inequality is a problem throughout the Western world. But Obama’s pretense that it is the root cause of this sick economy is ridiculous. As is his solution, that old [Read More…]

Obama's Debt

According to numbers published yesterday, the federal debt has increased by over $4.2 billion for every single day that Barack Obama has been in office, or $3 million per minute.  In Obama’s 945 days in office, the federal debt has grown over $4 trillion.  As a criticism of President Obama, it’s a bit of a statistical [Read More…]

Bye-Bye Biden? Obama to Call on Cuomo?

I’ve been wondering when people would start talking about this possibility: President Obama is reportedly considering tapping New York governor Andrew Cuomo to take the place of Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2012 presidential election, a move that could add a fresh face to the Obama administration. There are many reasons why this [Read More…]

Michelle Obama's Obesity Crusade: Coming Soon to a Church Near You?

Michelle Obama has been appearing at churches, including evangelical churches, to speak on health, fitness and the dangers of obesity.  I recently heard from a member of North Point Church, Andy Stanley’s church in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, that Michelle Obama appeared there last February.  Meghan Clyne at the Weekly Standard wrote about it in April. The [Read More…]

More on the Wages of Spin

I published a column today called The Wages of Spin.  It addresses the question of whether the Obama administration has suffered its loss of public confidence due to a poor product (its legislative initiatives) or a poor sales pitch (the public relations effort explaining those initiatives and the (ostensibly) manifold ways in which they benefit [Read More…]