More Election Winners and Losers – Republican Minorities, Republican Women, Women in General, Nepotism, Tea Party Apologists, and California Weed Growers

Winner: Republican minorities.  From Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley to lesser-known figures like David Rivera of Florida and Quico Canseco of Texas, all of whom were victorious on Tuesday.  Other minority Republicans ran and lost, including three Asian-Americans (Tran, Chao, Djou).  The GOP still needs to do a better job of reaching out to people of [Read More…]

Election 2010 – Major Winners: DC Democrat Power-Brokers, Republican Party, and (Mostly) the Tea Party

1.  Winner: DC Power-Broker Democrats.  If you are a Republican, don’t fool yourself.  Last night could have been much worse for the Democrats.  The loss of the House was a given.  But Democrats held onto the Senate, and while Republicans picked up many governorships the Democrats held onto some important ones, California and New York [Read More…]

In Defense of Obstructionism

When Rush Limbaugh declared, shortly after the election, “I want Obama to fail,” he received a righteous round of condemnation from many people, Left and otherwise.  In a moment of financial peril, some said, in the midst of two wars, we should all hope that President Obama succeeds.  We should all help him to succeed.  [Read More…]

Why Are the Educated More Likely to Support Obama?

This week I have offered a series of posts reflecting on Gallup’s stunning recent survey on approval ratings for the Obama presidency. The results are chock-full of bad news for Democrats, but not all of it is bad or unflattering. Democrats might be encouraged that young folks support Obama at a higher rate than older [Read More…]

Why Do the Young Support Obama?

In yesterday’s post I mentioned a recent Gallup poll that supplies helpful details on those who support Obama and those who do not — and I examined whether the results are evidence that blacks approve of the President because of the color of his skin.  Today I want to consider a different issue – why [Read More…]