Is the High Rate of Black Support for Obama a Sign of Racism?

I’ve been wondering when we would have a serious conversation about the astronomically high approval rates amongst African-Americans for Barack Obama, and what those rates mean. Today there comes a poll, helpfully featured at Drudge, that may provoke precisely that conversation. I will offer a few more thoughts on these results tomorrow, particularly: Whether the higher [Read More…]

Is Barack Obama a Christian?

I am tempted to make this the shortest entry yet at Philosophical Fragments and simply answer: “Yes.”  But I want to explain (1) some of the complexities of the problem and (2) several reasons why conservatives have answered in the negative. By now we are all familiar with the background.  In three Pew surveys from [Read More…]

Weekend Post: What Obama's Encounter with Velma Hart Revealed

Peggy Noonan issued two tour-de-force columns this week, the first on the fundamental moral sentiments behind the Tea Party movement and the second on President Obama’s dramatic encounter at a recent town hall meeting with a disenchanted African-American supporter named Velma Hart.  Noonan writes: All anyone in America who cares about politics was talking about [Read More…]