Breakfast Links for 12/31/12 – When Death Comes Home; Get ALL the Story; Entitlement and Grace; Les Mis’ Theology


BREAKFAST LINKS 12/31/12: Karen Spears Zacharias, Patheos/Karen Spears Zacharias: “I read recently that in tribal villages it is the wails of the mourning that alerts others in the village when someone has died. People in this country don’t give over much to wailing. We are conditioned to think that such mourning is unbecoming. I blame [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens and the Grave

Yesterday I attended a conversation between Christopher and Peter Hitchens at the Pew Center in Washington, DC.  The relationship between the two brought a certain warmth and a palpable mutual respect to the conversation that was in refreshing contrast to the series of debates that was coordinated with the release of God is Not Great, [Read More...]