Is God Triune?

I have often sung the praises of Parchment and Pen, a great blog and a partner to the Evangelical Portal.  Parchment and Pen focuses on theology, but often speaks as well to pastoral care issues. Parchment and Pen is hosting The Great Trinity Debate, a conversation between Michael Patton (proprietor of the blog) and David [Read More…]

New Piece on the Theology of the Cross at "Parchment and Pen"

I have been delivering a series of blog posts at Parchment and Pen on Luther’s theologia crucis. I’ve enjoyed writing it, and I’m eager to hear what people think. At some point I will probably bring them over to the Evangelical Portal as a completed series. So please check out the latest installment and share your thoughts! It’s suitable reading for the weekend. [Read more…]