A&E is Not “Happy, Happy, Happy” with Free Speech

With apologies to H.L. Mencken, it appears that leftism is the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may disagree with me. [Read more…]

Mandela, the Providentially Ordained Nationalist

A guest post from Mark Tooley, President of the Institute on Religion and Democracy: * Amid all the justified accolades for Nelson Mandela there’s been some online skirmishing between a few on the right insisting Mandela was a Marxist and some on the left lambasting prominent conservatives 30 years ago (William Buckley, Richard Cheney) who [Read More…]

When the Stars Vanish

I’m always honored to feature guest posts from Peter Wehner, one of the most serious and experienced evangelical policy thinkers around, but also a very insightful writer on general matters of faith and culture. Check out his bio for more information on Pete, and you can see his other posts at Philosophical Fragments here.   * When the [Read More…]

The Greater Commission: Priority is Everything

I’m grateful for the following guest post from my friend Rolley Haggard of Breakpoint: * The Greater Commission By Rolley Haggard  There is no higher calling of God upon the church and the individual believer than to proclaim the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. Right? Wrong. There is a Greater Commission. It is generally referred [Read More…]

Loud on Poverty, Quiet on Abortion: The Danger of Selective Theonomy

My friend Rob Schwarzwalder from the Family Research Council offers the following guest post this morning: * Religion, Morality, and Policy: The Danger of Selective Theonomy  By Rob Schwarzwalder “Theonomy” is not a word that trips easily off the tongue. It refers to a strain of Christian thinking that demands application of Old Testament civil [Read More…]