The Family Devotional, Reinvented

My nearly-five-year-old daughter loves  And I have to admit: it’s pretty terrific.  Sure, the images and animations are very simple, and sometimes they games seem way too easy for the designed age group.  But I like that she’s engaging in something educational and entertaining at the same time, and she likes that she’s singing [Read More…]

Margaret Thatcher, Colossus

Her alma mater may not be thrilled with her politics, but one American university would be happy to claim her. Margaret Thatcher came to Houston Baptist University and I cherish a picture of one of the university founders walking with her into the event held in her honor. I know from speaking to him the [Read More…]

Learning to Love My Body

I realize that it’s me. Not something a part of me, but me. [Read more…]

When the Internet Greeted Pope Francis

Building Patheos has been the great professional project of my last four years, and I’m a big believer in its purpose and in its future.  But it’s pretty astonishing to consider how far we’ve come already — which points, I think, to the great need for a credible, high quality marketplace of religious ideas online. [Read More…]

No Mandate from God on Immigration Reform

Recently Mark Tooley posted a piece I entitled “For Evangelicals, the Temptation of Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” in which he criticized a movement amongst evangelical leaders to endorse comprehensive immigration reform, however noble their intentions might be.  Matthew Soerens, who focuses on immigration issues for World Relief, posted a response I entitled “Evangelical Support for Immigration [Read More…]