Meet the New Pope

Word is that the new Pope is Cardinal Bergoglio, and the best summary I could find suggests that he straddles the divide between conservatives (he resisted the movement of Jesuits toward liberation theology in Argentina) and liberals (he presses hard for social justice), the developing world (he was born in Buenos Aires and has served [Read More…]

What Christians Should Seek in a College Education

Note: Below is the second part of Dr. Reynolds’ series on the future of Christian education. See the first part here. * Reasonable expectations matter: if you judge The Voice because you wanted to watch Downton Abbey, then your standards will be skewed and both experiences will be diminished. What should you expect from a college? There is [Read More…]

The Cliff is Nuts

With the fiscal cliff looming in front of us, and negotiations extending to cover the debt limit issue, I thought this was an appropriate time to visit Justin Folk’s “The Spending is Nuts,” which won Powerline‘s video contest a little over a year ago: See the original announcement at Powerline for more info about the [Read More…]

Breakfast Links for 11/09/12 – God and Women; Christ and Assault Rifles; Politicians Killed Jesus

BREAKFAST LINKS 11/09/12: Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “But beyond all these wonderful things that the Lord did in showing us how beautiful women are in His eyes, He did something else. He chose you—a woman to depict that which He came to earth to die for—His very Bride.” Bill Blankschaen, Patheos:Bill in the Blank: “President [Read More…]

Breakfast Links for 11/08/12 – Things Recently Neglected; the Shadow of Tyrants; Dandelion Dust

BREAKFAST LINKS 11/0812: Joe Carter, Patheos/Joe Carter’s Commonplace: “Now that we got The Most Important Election in Our Lifetime out of the way, let’s move on to truly important matters. Let’s spend some time focusing on culture and our families and our local communities. Let’s spend time on the areas of life we’ve been neglecting [Read More…]