"In Loco Parentis" is Long Gone

The University of Chicago is now allowing male and female undergraduates to share dorm rooms.  The push for the new policy, according to the Chicago Sun Times, came from “advocates for transgender students,” since transgender students should not be forced to live with those of the same sex if they actually identify better with those [Read More…]

What Does Palin Mean to Evangelicals?

Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation from the post of Governor of Alaska has touched off a firestorm of speculation in the liberal blogosphere.  What dark secret, they wonder, was about to be revealed?  Apparently many believe she is soon to be indicted–and the Palin camp has responded.  While I have no knowledge of the truth of [Read More…]

New Faith@Work Material Posted, with Links

The Faith@Work Consultation is finally up on the site, and tomorrow we will begin to promote it more broadly and invite visitors and participants.  Please go to the Gateway home to check it out. Leading off is an excellent article on business education (and the important question of what business is for) by John Terrill, [Read More…]

Welcome to the Gateway Blog

Welcome to the Evangelical Gateway blog, which is associated with the Evangelical Gateway (thus the name) at Patheos.com.  This will be a central hub for information about the articles and other items posted on the Gateway. I extend a special welcome to those who are joining us for the Faith@Work Consultation.  When you go to [Read More…]