An Open Letter from Barack Obama to Louie Giglio

Last night I dreamt that I was reading The New York Times and stumbled upon this open letter from the President to evangelical pastor Louie Giglio: To my friend, Pastor Louie Giglio, We share the essence of a common religious heritage. We both profess a faith in Jesus Christ, both call on God for direction and [Read More…]

Samuel Rodriguez on a Global Evangelical Movement to End Human Trafficking

Even before the Louie Giglio imbroglio brought evangelical anti-human-trafficking efforts back into the limelight, I asked my friend Erik Campano to conduct a series of interviews on evangelical (as well as non-evangelical and even non-Christian) efforts to bring an end to human trafficking. My wife and I got involved in anti-trafficking and anti-slavery efforts many [Read More…]

Strange Things Afoot in Christian Media – Part 2

In the first part of this series, published earlier today, I recounted how Christianity Today published an investigative report concerning David Jang, a Korean pastor with great influence in Asian Christian circles and growing influence in American Christian circles as well.  The extensively researched and meticulously detailed article examined Jang’s past, the alleged prevalence of [Read More…]

Moving Right is Sometimes Wrong: Why Ken Ham and Shelby Spong Are Equally Destructive

It is, fellow conservatives, possible to be too conservative.  And moving too far to the Right can be just as destructive as moving too far to the Left. Scot McKnight comments at Jesus Creed that evangelicals with “conservative” theological commitments have a “special radar” for those who are moving Leftward.  He offers three points for [Read More…]