The Wide Path to Readership

I’m very pleased to publish the following guest post from Grady Powell, who is Executive Director of the exceptional Trinity Forum Academy. Check out their upcoming event, “Whose Headline is it Anyway?”, from January 31-February 2nd at the lovely Osprey Pointe. * By Grady Powell The worry and flurry around Amazon founder Jeff Bezos purchasing The [Read More…]

You Built a Company – Now Use It to Build a Better World

You did — with all apologies to the President (I kid) — build it.  You built a company.  You invested an enormous amount of time and effort and resources into creating a company and now that company is alive and doing its work. You built a company.  That’s terrific.  Now the question is: What will [Read More…]

Welcome to the Gateway Blog

Welcome to the Evangelical Gateway blog, which is associated with the Evangelical Gateway (thus the name) at  This will be a central hub for information about the articles and other items posted on the Gateway. I extend a special welcome to those who are joining us for the Faith@Work Consultation.  When you go to [Read More…]