Santa’s Elves, Revealed

I enjoyed this description of a community of nuns from Margarita Mooney:  “What is life like inside of a convent? First, to be clear, these sisters are not monastic–they have a calling to work in the world, teaching catechism, running schools and hospitals. Their home was built as a monastery for cloistered nuns who never [Read More…]

How Kevin James Put his Faith in “Here Comes the Boom”

Recently I was invited to interview the comedic actor Kevin James (television’s long-running King of Queens and many movies such as Hitch, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Grownups, The Dilemma, and Zookeeper) and to screen his film hitting theaters now, Here Comes the Boom.  In the film, Kevin James is Scott Voss, a burned-out teacher who rediscovers a purpose in [Read More…]

Rick Santorum Interview: How JFK Misled the Country on Faith and Politics

Perhaps it was providential that my hard drive was damaged and I couldn’t extract the interview with Senator Santorum until recently.  After all, now that Rick Santorum is a top-tier candidate for the GOP nomination, it’s much more interesting. When I interviewed former Senator Rick Santorum about faith and politics back in October of 2010, [Read More…]