Christian “Sunday People” Being Cleansed from Egypt – Lela Gilbert

Like most Christians, I have a keen interest in the affairs of Israel. ┬áLike most human beings, I have a keen interest in the affairs of the Middle East and nations in the surrounding region, such as Libya and Egypt. ┬áSo I’m profoundly grateful for the work of faithful scholars like Lela Gilbert and others [Read More…]

Muslims as “Children for Whom Christ Died” – Interview with Nik Ripken, Part 2

Recently I posted Part One of an interview with Nik Ripken, author of a provocative book called The Insanity of God. Nik — a remarkable character who follows his faith all over the world, into some of the most dangerous places to profess Christian faith — was interviewed by my friend Erik Campano, who poses [Read More…]