The Indignation Industry, or the Art of Blogging Controversies

I think we bloggers and writers of online content generally need to confess to something.  We often have mixed motives — or we face a complex set of competing incentives — when it comes to potentially controversial material. I was reminded of this by Christian sociologist Jenell Paris — author of The End of Sexual [Read More…]

Obama, the Arab World, Obese Children, Another Christian Kerfuffle, and Bristol's Memoir: The Morning Report

In the News 1.  I’ve been relatively pessimistic about Republican chances in 2012, but a GOP victory is increasingly plausible.  Pickups in Congress could be substantial.  From Rasmussen: A generic Republican candidate earns the highest level of support yet against President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 election matchup. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey [Read More…]

The Battle of the Bulge: Is the Weiner War Worth It?

As most of America knows by now, recently a picture went out from New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter feed to a pretty young coed, containing a picture of some bulging underpants.  The picture was quickly deleted from yfrog and Twitter, and Weiner claimed that his account was hacked.  A lot of folks seemed [Read More…]

Harold Camping's Statement: What Should it Say?

Oddly enough, Harold Camping chose the International Business Times to be the conduit for his message that he will deliver a statement by tomorrow evening on the reasons for the failed prediction and how he is responding to it.  Camping, says the IBT, looked “dazed and confused,” and “said he needed some time to think [Read More…]